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This year's curriculum for Children's RE

We are pleased to welcome you and your children to our 2005/06 session of the Religious Education Program. The curriculum selections are based upon research on the UUA website, and feedback from UUA religious educators across the country. For those interested in learning more about the religious education materials available through the UUA, we highly recommend a visit to the UUA Religious Education website. Families and individuals will find resources to continue and extend their personal religious education.

Preschool to first grade
Story Time: A Literature-based Curriculum for Pre-K – 1st is a religious education program for young children. This curriculum, which is written by Unitarian Universalists, is based on well-known and much-loved children’s storybooks. These stories are used to discuss Unitarian Universalists principles at a level at which young children can benefit. Principles such are sharing and getting along are portrayed in the picture books in a manner in which children can relate. Activities after the story reinforce the basic concepts so that children understand and appreciate their role in the classroom and in the world around them from a Unitarian Universalist sensibility.

Elementary School: Grades 2-5
We Believe: Learning and Living Our UU Principles edited by Ann Fields and Joan Goodwin is a religious education program for children of elementary school age, and engages participants in learning and living our Unitarian Universalist Principles through stories, discussions, activities, and worship experiences.

Goals for participants:

  • To stimulate thinking and decision making through the discovery of the questions, story, lore, and vision of Unitarian Universalists: past and present,
  • To take beginning steps in formulating their religious concepts and identities
  • To become part of a religious community, to make friends, to learn and to have fun.

Children’s Chapel, Intergenerational Worship Service and Words for All Ages
As in past traditions, SCUU will continue with Intergenerational (IG) Worship Service, Children’s Chapel, and Words for All Ages.

Children’s Chapel is a children’s worship service that will usually be held on the 1st Sunday of the month. It will follow our SCUU model of worship with traditional elements such as chalice lighting, joys and concerns, hymns and guided meditation. The "sermon" part will usually be storytelling or a theme relating to a holiday, a UU principle or nature.

IG Services mean everyone will participate in the main worship service. The themes will vary, but often coincide with holidays. One of the goals of IG services is to give the younger members an experience of seeing what adults do when they worship (something they are very curious about) and offers an example of reverence and respect for worship which they can later emulate. To learn more about IG Services please see:

Words for All Ages occurs in the early part of the regular worship service. This short service element can be a story, song or discussion that closely relates to the topic for that day’s service. After the Words for All Ages, the children leave the worship space and go to their RE classes.

The Nursery
A trained day care provider has been hired to provide a consistent and loving environment for children under the age of 3. This is a wonderful opportunity for children to get comfortable with other children their own age. The nursery is available every Sunday.

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